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Book of Fate - Game Developers Conference 2015

Book of Fate is a 3 week project for the Building Virtual Worlds (BVW) course, a graduate course at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) Masters Program. The goal of Book of Fate was to create an interactive experience that tells a simple story while making the player feel like they are a wizard casting magic. 

A young wizard goes on a journey to rescue his master wizard.Master wizard is in peril that a dark wizard kidnapped him and put him in a jail on the top of the volcano. He left a magic spell book for the young wizard so that he can use it to cast spell to defeat monsters.
There are three kinds of monsters ; Tree monsters, Water monsters, Fire Monsters and A Dark Wizard.
Three monsters are killed by Fire spell, Water monsters are killed by lightening spell, Fire monsters are killed by water spell.

Input device : MaKey MaKey(Spell book)
The guest has to find a proper spell and cast it by making the spell signs in the book.


During the GDC 2015, Book of fate announced for the Alt. Ctrl. GDC Showcase.

Role & Responsibilities

Game Design, General game-play mechanism, Monster AI, 2D sprite animation 

Create new game controller interface "spell book" using Makey Makey (Arduino), conductivity sensor and old book

Screen shots

Round 4

Game play Demo

GDC References

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