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IoT & Interactive Media Art Installations

Participated various IoT Hackathons & Media Art Exhibitions since 2010.

Awarded several competitions & Hackathons.

Role & Responsibilities

Main Producer, Creative Director, Programming for Arduino, Unity, Processing, OpenFrameworks, VVVV and Max/msp.

Um..Bring me (Awarded 3rd prize from Mobile Startup S.Korea Make-a-thon 2014)

'Um..bring me' is an umbrella embodied in a device using IOT concept. Its name 'Um..bring me' is came from 'umbrella'. Like its name, It's main function is to indicate weather to users should pick an umbrella or not before go outside.


Through an android weather application, it receives today's weather information via Bluetooth communication. If the chance of rain is greater than fifty percent, then LEDs in the hand grip light up based on the rainfall. Therefore, users can easily bring their umbrella.


Distance Detective Glove (2014)

This glove is for the low vision people to detect far away objects easily with LED and vibration feedback. Ultra sensor detects the distance data and send to Arduino. Arduino calculate the data and give feed to user by vibrating motor and light led. It is more convenient than assistive canes. Therefore, visually impaired people can detect not only ground but also upper body too. Used lithium ion battery so it can be easily recharged by the USB or smartphone charger. On/Off switch is a flex sensor, so If user bends wrist, it automatically activates itself


Scanimation (Awarded grand prize from SK Creator Planet in S.Korea 2013)

Self Scanimation is a interactive media art. The title, Scanimation, comes from the word, scan and animation. Using optical illusion, making animation by stop images. It is similar to the effect of polarizing filter. Audience take 5 photos on the android phone and launch our application, images upload to the server directly and then our system download the images and apply effect on the image by processing software. The final image display to the screen. Audience control the motors by android phone.

Moving the filter, audience can see the their animation what they took pictures.


Big Mouth (First Maker Fair in S.Korea 2012)

Big Mouth is a interactive module. It had big mouth made of paper and wood that mimic the audience's voice by microphone. Additionally, front mouth repeat the voice simultaneously and the other mouths distort the sound and speed of voice so audience can feel strange and interesting experience. When the voice comes into the microphone, in the max/msp is changed analogue data to digital signal data. This digital signal data send to the arduino to move the mouth which controlled by servo motors.


36 X 36 (Showcase at France Media Art Exhibition 2012)

The origami is using in various field because it recognized as an artistic and practical technique. Especially, the three dimensional formativeness created by its numerous folding techniques can be used as a good material of media art. To make kinetic artwork with the motif from paper sculpture's movement need to analyze the moving pattern, composing physical computing system, and designing actuator. In this artwork, we expect to the possibility of artistic expression and recognition of media art by recreating origami's shape. The 36 x 36 is made by the lego so we can create various design and sculptures. It has no interaction but the movements of 36 x 36 is very impressive.

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