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Po2: Augmented Haptics for Interactive Gameplay (2015)

User gestures are important in current gaming platforms, where users’ movements are tracked and their actions trigger events in the games. We introduce Power of 2 (Po2), a new haptic technology that augments illusive tactile sensations on gesture-based gameplays.


Po2 utilizes two vibrating actuators on two hands and renders illusory tactile motion on and across the hands. With carefully designed psycho-physical studies, we determined parametric models to robustly control the perception of an illusory object and its motion on and in between two hands.


These models are embedded in computer algorithms and programmed to produce cohesive multi-sensory experiences. Synchronized with a wide range of user gestures and interactive media, such as sound and visuals, Po2 creates highly dynamic and animated gameplay experiences with wearable and mobile handheld devices.

Showcase at ACM SIGGRAPH 2015 (Emerging Technologies) with paper.

more detail :

Role & Responsibilities

Lab Associate Intern at Disney Research in Pittsburgh

Develop interactive game demo using Unity, VR device(Oculus DK2), Kinect v2, and BLE wireless communication between Arduino

Improve gesture recognition using Kinect v2 & Unity

Control haptic vibration based on user's gesture

Screen shots


Po2 overview 

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