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VR Rehearsal (2016) 

VR Rehearsal is an attempt to utilize VR to build a tool for practical daily usage instead of pure entertainment and visualization, which is the current mainstream of VR applications. It is a mobile VR application to assist general public to practice presentation in an innovative and convenient way.


Po2 (2015) - Disney Research Intern

User gestures are important in current gaming platforms, where users’ movements are tracked and their actions trigger events in the games. We introduce Power of 2 (Po2), a new haptic technology that augments illusive tactile sensations on gesture-based gameplays. 


(Emerging Technologies)


HCI -Rapid Prototyping (2015)

"Gadgets, Sensors and Activity Recognition in HCI". This class is taught by Scott Hudson at Carnegie Mellon university in HCI department. This class included various rapid prototyping projects such as "8x8 LED matrix game" and "Arduino Clone".


Media Wall (2015)

The Welcome Wall will serve as an engaging centerpiece for the future Tepper Quad Welcome Center on Carnegie Mellon University’s main campus. It will create an immersive experience showcasing the university as it exists within Pittsburgh, across the country, and around the globe.


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