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VR Rehearsal (2016)

VR Rehearsal is an attempt to utilize VR to build a tool for practical daily usage instead of pure entertainment and visualization, which is the current mainstream of VR applications. It is a mobile VR application to assist general public to practice presentation in an innovative and convenient way.


 By creating immersive presentation environment as well as provide various types of feedback, both real-time reaction from simulated virtual audience and non real-time statistics visualization, the application assists presenters to self-evaluate and self-improve their skills efficiently. The application is launched for low-cost Google Cardboard, and is accessible for daily usage.


 VR Rehearsal provides virtual audience (realtime feedback), virtual space (auditorium, class room) and presentation tools such as timer, prompter and own powerpoint script). 


 VR reharsal provides 2 different feedback. Dynamic real-time feedback and Evaluation feedback. Dynamic real-time feedback is based on  user's voice fluency and natural eye contact. According to these data, user can get real-time feedback from behavior of virtual audience. Evaluation feedback is including user's eye gaze heat map and interest curve.

more detail :

Role & Responsibilities

Producer of team (3 developer, 2 designer)

UX Research, UX Design, Develop VR Android application with Google Cardboard platform

Screen shots

vr rehearsal.png

VR Rehearsal Demo

VR Rehearsal Walk-Through Video

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