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The Dialogue between Drawing Machines + Human Ambience explores the dichotomy and synthesis of the interaction between programmed movement and human interaction through automated and sensory technology. The research focuses on the development of machines that generate drawings collecting the surrounding information of the place and time.


Book of Fate  - GDC 2015

The goal of Book of Fate was to create an interactive experience that tells a simple story while making the player feel like they are a wizard casting magic. Developed a new game controller interface such as magic book.


During the GDC 2015, Book of fate announced for the Alt. Ctrl. GDC Showcase.


Global Game Jam Award

Participated Global Game Jam at 2016. Developed game called "Abula Hoosh". Weird Multi-player PC/Mobile Connected Shaking/Swiping Game To be a most powerful spiritual leader of the mini-creatures, perform the ritual successfully by shaking & squeezing the magical item as much as you can.

Google Select Award - Technical Excellence


IoT & Media Art Installations

During college, Jaekyun(Brandon) participated various media art installation exhibitions, Maker Fair and IoT Hackathorn.

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