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VR Australian Open 2019 (2018-2019)

In partnership with Tennis Australia, Infosys developed 4 virtual reality experiences for the 2019 Australian Open - 3 experiences were made for the fans and 1 was made for sponsors for business development prior to the event. The 3 fan experiences, which were showcased at the Infosys Fan Zone, included shopping for AO merchandise and clothing at the Official AO Virtual Reality Store situated along a graffiti-covered laneway reminiscent of Melbourne’s own iconic laneways, watching live AO tennis matches in 360, and training your own tennis skills to play against the world’s best in a virtual match. The business development experience allowed sponsors to place their ads in a virtual Rod Laver Arena and see what they would actually look like in real life from different seats in the arena to better help with their ad placement decisions.

more detail :

Role & Responsibilities

Experience design, Unity debugging and testing, Research Unity fabric material physics 

Screen shots & Photos 


VR Demo

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