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smart farming AR (2018)

The Smart Farming AR is a glimpse into future of agriculture and IoT sensors using augmented Reality. The user can visualize how this technology can aid a farmer and/or agriculture investment stakeholders by giving a first-hand look at a real-time digital twin representation tied to implied / actual existing IoT sensors. This information can then be filtered, organized, and presented as 3d data visualizations to help aid farm operators in making informed, educated, data-supported decisions. Using the Microsoft HoloLens, real-time data visualization are streamed via AWS and displayed along with a digital twin representation. The HoloLens Spectator view features allows for other to share the experience on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad).

Showcased at Mobile World Congress America 2018 (MWCA) and Telstra Vantage 2018.

more detail :

Role & Responsibilities

develop HoloLens demo using Unity, AWS, integrate weather api, develop spectator view application (iPhone/iPad)

Screen shots


smart farm Walk-Through Demo

smart farm Spectator View Demo

Mobile World Congress America 2018 Flash Talk


MWCA 2018 (Los Angeles Convention Center)

My colleague and I gave flash talk presentations on Smart Farming and the Future of Agriculture using IoT Sensors and Augmented Reality for data visualization. Here we are discussing the concept of a digital twin and streaming real-time data.

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