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plant i.o (2016)

Plant.IO is an open source plant-growing platform.

With Plant.IO, we aim to bring new forms of software driven intelligence and interaction to the plant growth cycle, while using easy to source off the self hardware to house, incubate, and monitor the germination of plants. The recent advances in artificial intelligence automation, machine learning, data & analytics, and the Internet of Things enables new ways in which the digital, the physical, and biological can converge across industries and all spheres of life. We used AR technology ( Microsoft HoloLens) to transport the plant growth cycle into a mixed physical / virtual reality. We wanted to see how augmented and mixed reality could be used to re-imagine the digital experience of agriculture - and ultimately, for different industries.

Role & Responsibilities

UX design, hardware prototyping (Arduino, Particle Photon), Custom PCB design, develop iPad game demo, develop HoloLens Demo

Physical setup


Hardware setup

iPad Game interface


plant i.o Walk-Through demo

plant i.o Video demo

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