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room 1856 (2017)

Room 1856 is a project that involves a new vision of how technology can reinvent the spatial and temporal experience of retail space, with focus on apparel.

This is a retail experience design and cutting-edge interactive platform project involving idea visualization, design, developing, and testing. Room 1856 is not only augmented space but also a self-discovery platform. It leverages the latest intelligent technologies to provide you with an immersive, technologically-enabled physical environment and a compelling narrative framework that are both geared toward helping you find those objects that will enhance your understanding of yourself as a human subject – who you are, how you look, and how you inhabit the world around you.

More detail :

Role & Responsibilities

UX design, hardware prototyping (Arduino, Multiple serial communication with Arduino and printer), Unity with Kinect V2 (green screen effect using depth sensor, edge detection and human skeleton recognition algorithm)

Physical setup


AR Mirror Effect (Kinect v2 with Unity) 


Room 1856 Walk-Through Demo

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